Admission Fees

The admission fees at Kids International School depends on the school division which the student enters into. The fees include a registration fee, an establishment fee and a term fee.

1.   Registration Fee

For students who are exploring the entry and admission requirements, a registration fee will be payable while submitting the application.

2.   Establishment Fee

For new students accepted and enrolled, School Establishment Fee shall be payable prior to or at the time of enrolment.

3.   Term Fee

Payable before the beginning of every school term, the amount of term fee depends on which school division and education programme the student has enrolled in.

Tution Fees

CBSE Programme
Total (INR) per annum
State Programme
Total (INR) per annum
Grade 1 – 8 40 – 50 thousand 30 – 35 thousand
Grade  9 – 10 45 – 55 thousand 35 – 40 thousand

The range of total fees includes the term fees which vary for every grade as we go higher. For a detailed fee structure, please reach out to Administrative Office at 0816-2240005.

The above fee structure is exclusive of the following transport fees.
Books and stationary Fee: 6500 INR | Uniform Fee: 5000 INR